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Notes for object 3C 239

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1. 2003ApJ...585...90Z
Re:3C 239
3CR 239 (z = 1.781). This galaxy is compact and bright in both the
optical WFPC2 and NIR NICMOS images. The NICMOS image is dominated by
a single, round, centrally concentrated galaxy, but its outer envelope
breaks up into several "satellite" lumps. The image is suggestive of a
giant but not fully mature elliptical galaxy at z ~ 1.78, perhaps seen
in the process of assembling through accretion. While the profile is
well fitted by an r^1/4^ law, the residuals again show that extinction
may play a large role at rest wavelengths of 0.6 microns.

2. 1997ApJS..112..415M
Re:3C 239
3C 239 (z=1.781; Fig. 11).--The galaxy is faint with an extension 0.2" to the
northeast. There is a possible companion to the southwest at {DELTA}{alpha},
{DELTA}{delta}=1.2", -0.9".

3. 1992MNRAS.257..545L
Re:3C 239
In the low-resolution 1.4-GHz map of this source (Fig. 4a) there is some
radio emission at the 2.5{sigma} level coincident with the position of
the associated galaxy; since it is not visible on the 5- and 15-GHz maps,
it is unlikely to be core emission. The hotspot in the eastern component
is at one side of the lobe, which is itself extended perpendicular to the
source axis. The spectra are flatter at both hotspots, and gradually
steepen along the lobes. In the eastern lobe, the spectrum steepens away
from the hotspot in a direction nearly perpendicular to the source axis.

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