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Notes for object 3C 349

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2009MNRAS.396.1929H
Re:3C 349
Two XMM-Newton observations were carried out for this source, on 2007 August 07
and 2007 October 03. There was no evidence for variability in the data, and so
the results tabulated come from a joint fit to the two data sets. The
best-fitting column density for the obscured component is unusually low for a

2. 2006ApJS..164..307M
Re:3C 349
The NICMOS image shows a boxy, elongated, slightly asymmetric elliptical galaxy
with an unresolved nucleus.

3. 2000MNRAS.317..120R
Re:3C 349
5.11 3C 349 (z=0.205)
The R-band image (Fig. 17) shows 3C 349 as an elongated
(ellipticity = 0.420, PA 180) early-type galaxy, with slight tidal
distortion of the outermost regions and a less luminous companion
(G2, with R = 18.98) 14.1 arcsec away at PA -1376. A fainter but higher
central surface brightness object (G3, with R = 19.95) lies 7.0 arcsec
away at PA -691.
G2 and G3 are bluer than 3C 349 - we measure U - R = 1.19 for G2
(consistent with a normal Sbc spiral) and U - R = 0.54 for G3
(indicative of a starburst). A faint filament between 3C 349 and G2, and
an arc forming almost a full circle between 3C 349 and G3, are just
visible (Fig. 18) and suggest a triple interaction in which G2 and G3
have recently passed even closer to 3C 349.

4. 1965AJ.....70..384W
Re:3C 349
The brightest object in the search area is a galaxy, red, m_pg_~20.5 and is
close to the radio position, ~10" SW. Another object ~15" W of the radio
position is slightly blue, starlike, m_pg_~20.5. Three other faint objects also
lie in the search area. Two starlike objects 20" N 12" E and 12" S 20" E of
position are equally blue-red, m_pg_s~16.5 and 18.5.

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