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Notes for object HIPASS J1526-51

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1. 2002AJ....124.1954R
Re:HIPASS J1526-51
Thirty-seven of the newly cataloged HIPASS BGC galaxies
have |b| < 5^deg^ (see Fig 3). The H I zone of avoidance
shallow survey (Henning et al. 2000), which is independent
from HIPASS, contains 32 of these galaxies, plus HIZSS 019
at b = -5.5^deg^. The five additional galaxies are
HIPASS J1441-62, J1526-51, J1758-31, J1812-21, and J1851-09.
These were missed in the HIZSS because of their relatively
narrow H I profiles (w_50_ < 100 km s^-1^). We identify
optical counterparts for only seven of the galaxies with
Galactic latitudes of |b| < 5^deg^ (see Table 2). Using
DENIS, Schroder, Kraan-Korteweg, & Mamon (1999) and
Schroder et al. (2002) identified at least 14 near-infrared

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