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Notes for object AT 2017irz

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1. 2004ApJS..155...33S
Re:VSOP J0006-0623
The data quality for this source is relatively poor. The extended
emission is only fitted to a single component because of a paucity of
baselines less than 100 M{lambda} in length. The area subtended by
the core is less than 0.2 mas^2^.

2. 2000MNRAS.319.1109G
Re:PKS 0003-066
3.1 0003-066
The source 0003-066 has a redshift of z = 0.35. The 2-cm image of
Kellermann et al. (1998) and 13- and 4-cm images of Fey & Charlot (1997)
show a jet extending toward the north-west. Our I image (Fig. 1) clearly
shows the straight jet in position angle {theta} = -75^deg^, in which we
have modelled six components (Fig. 1). The linear polarization map shows
a double structure, where one component corresponds to the core and the
other to the jet feature K5. The polarization position angle {chi} in the
jet is nearly perpendicular to the jet axis.

3. 1998AJ....115.1295K
Re:PKS 0003-066
0003-066.--The component about 5 mas to the south is probably an artifact caused
by the proximity to the equator.

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