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Notes for object NGC 4065 GROUP

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1. 1996AJ....112..388L
Re:PCC N79-299B
N79-298B. Only the B_2_ and AI-tests were significant for this cluster. This
is a result of the very sharp truncation of the velocity distribution at 4300
and 4900 km s^-1^ (tails are too short). The DS-test found significant
structure, which may be partly due to the extreme elongation in the galaxy
distribution. This cluster is also called WP 19 (White 1978), and is located
in a region near Abell 1367 (within the Coma supercluster) in the
medium-compact cluster Zw1153.0+2522.

2. 1996AJ....112..388L
Re:PCC N79-299B
N79-299B. The ID non-normality is dominated by the two galaxies between 6200
and 6450 km s^-1^ which causes some degree of both skewness and kurtosis
(W, B_1_, KS, W^2^, U^2^, and A^2^ tests). The 3D distribution is very clumpy.
However, the velocity mean and dispersion is very similar in both clumps which
resulted in a negative result for the DS-test. There are two compact radio
sources associated with this cluster. This cluster is also named WP 21, and is
located within Zw1202.0+2028, a large open cluster which also includes WP 20
(N79-299A, see below).

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