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Notes for object PKS 0511-220

6 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008ApJS..175..314D
Re:VSOP J0513-2159
J0513-2159.-The core is 1.1 mas in size with no detection on space baselines. No
image is given.

2. 2005A&A...437.1135C
0511-220 (04p) Only three reference stars. Quasar not detected in the F filter.

3. 2001AJ....121.1306T
Re:PKS 0511-220
B0511-220 (z = 1.296). - A quasar with an unknown optical polarization
that is listed as a GPS source candidate in Dallacasa (1998), with
{nu}_T_ ~ 5 GHz. Our data confirm the GPS shape of the spectrum.

4. 2000ApJS..131...95F
Re:VSOP J0513-2159
J0513-2159. - Our image shows an extension to about 5 mas southeast
from the brightest feature. The EVN 8 GHz image by Dallacasa et al. (1998),
with about 5 times larger resolution, shows an extension from the brightest
feature roughly opposite to our direction. As noted, the structure detected
has a highly inverted spectrum, which, together with the reported
variability in the source, could explain the structural disagreement.
Images found in the VLBA Calibrators database at 2.3 and 8.4 GHz show
extensions consistent with ours.

5. 1998A&AS..129..219D
Re:PKS 0511-220
0511-220 [Q, z = 1.296]
This quasar has a GPS type radio spectrum peaking around 5 GHz, although the
high frequency spectral index is just about 0.5. Some variability can be
inferred at both 1.4 and 8.4 GHz, although the amount of data is too limited to
draw firm conclusions.
The VLBI structure is resolved at X band (see Fig. 2) in PA~-40^deg^ and can be
either a core-jet or an asymmetric triple (F_X_~85%). The S band image instead
shows unresolved emission with F_S_~25% only, corresponding to about one third
of the total flux density detected at X-band. Therefore the radio emission
detected here has an inverted spectral index. However, the uncertainties in the
accounted flux and structures are larger than in other sources since the source
declination is rather low.

6. 1997MNRAS.284...85D
Re:PKS 0511-220
(v) PKS 0511-220: we find a very large difference between our position for this
source (05:11:41.81-22:02:41.2, B1950) and that quoted in Hewitt & Burbidge
(1993)(05:11:49.94-22:02:44.8). We attribute this difference to a typographical
error made with respect to the position (05:11:41.94-22:02:44.8) given by
Condon, Kicks & Jauncey (1977). We are concerned that any published redshifts
of this object may correspond to an object near the wrong position, so we do
not quote a redshift for this source pending our own observations.

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