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Notes for object SN 1997C

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1. 2001AJ....121.1648M
Re:SN 1997C
SN 1997C. - The Beijing Astronomical Observatory (BAO) Supernova Survey
discovered SN 1997C on 1997 January 14 at magnitude 18 in NGC 3160
(Li et al. 1997a). There are no narrow (H II region) emission lines in our
spectrum of SN 1997C, but the redshift of the host galaxy is 6795 km s^-1^
(Falco et al. 1999). Li et al. (1997a) classified the SN as Type Ic. Our
spectrum, though, appears to resemble that of a peculiar SN Ia at later
times (Fig. 8), and we believe that SN 1997C was misclassified.

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