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Notes for object PKS 1619-680

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2004A&A...424...91E
Re:PKS J1624-6809
J1624-6809: including the 408 MHz point in the fit to the spectrum would
increase the FWHM from 1.4 to 1.7. The 843 MHz SUMSS flux density, when
available, will be helpful in determining whether the spectrum is indeed
intrinsically broader, or whether it is narrower but with a turn-up at
lower frequencies. Beasley et al. (1997) give 5{sigma} upper limits at
89 GHz and 147 GHz of 0.08 Jy and 0.05 Jy, respectively.

2. 1990A&AS...86..543V
Re:PKS 1619-680
PKS 1619-680: The radio source PKS 1619-680 (Bolton and Butler, 1975)
at b = 13.0^deg^ has been identified with a 18 mag. starlike object
(White et al., 1987); our spectrum shows it to be a quasar at z = 1.354
(Fig. 1d).

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