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Notes for object LQAC 157-008 001

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002A&A...386...97J
Re:PKS B1026-084
Initially classified as a galaxy from the COSMOS survey, but since
found to be a high-redshift quasar amongst a complete sample of
northern ROSAT X-ray sources (Zickgraf et al., 1997A&A...323L..21).

2. 2001AJ....121.1799P
Re:RX J1028.6-0844
37. RX J1028-0844 (z = 4.276).Two weak DLA candidates with associated
metals are detected at z = 3.42 and 4.05.

3. 1998ApJS..117..319A
Re:[ATZ98] C057
See Zickgraf et al. (1997b; Paper V).

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