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Notes for object NGC 3800A

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1. 1997AJ....114...77N
Re:NGC 3800A
5.4 NGC 3799-3800
A companion galaxy (which we call NGC 3800A) is also detected [Fig. 7(a) and
8(a)]. Despite being optically much fainter, NGC 3800A has a similar peak H I
flux to the entire close pair combined. Its H I disk is warped, not unexpected
for a galaxy with such a large H I halo in the presence of nearby companions.
The ratio of H I to optical major axes is 6.5 (although beam smearing
correction could reduce this to ~5). NGC 3800A is not listed in NED. From the
velocity field in Fig. 7(b), we have attempted to assign the gas from the
emission region (not including the tail) to each member of the pair. Figure
8(b) shows the H I emission for NGC 3799 and 3800 as well as the total

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