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Notes for object PKS 0524-460

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1995ApJ...449...61K
Re:PKS 0524-460
0525-460.-This source has been identified as a quasar with spectra
showing He II and C III] lines with equivalent widths 6 A and 25 A,
respectively (Jauncey et al. 1989; Stickel, Kuhr, & Fried 1993). Our
COSMOS magnitude confirms that it is optically bright, and our ATCA radio
spectrum shows a steep spectrum characteristic of extended rather than
core emission. But at 16.5 mag, this object is clearly not an OQQ.

2. 1994A&AS..105..211S
Re:[KWP81] 0524-460
The identification and magnitude were taken from Jauncey et al. (1989).
The optical spectrum and redshift is given in Stickel et al. (1993a).

3. 1993A&AS...97..483S
Re:PKS 0524-460
The spectrum shows three emission lines, which have been identified with
HeII {lambda}1649, CIII] {lambda}1909 and Mg II {lambda}2798 at a
redshift of z = 1.479. The Mg II emission line is badly blended with the
atmospheric B band (~6850 A) and was not used for the redshift

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