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Notes for object PKS 0646-306

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008ApJS..175..314D
Re:VSOP J0648-3044
J0648-3044.-The core is 0.4 mas in size. There is extended emission to the east,
in agreement with other VLBA images.

2. 2005A&A...437.1135C
0646-306 (17a) The significant difference {DELTA}{alpha}cos{delta} obtained from
the single-image reduction in the F filter (-132 mas) is clearly reduced with
the extended field reduction (-44 mas).

3. 2003A&A...399..469H
Re:PKS 0646-306
B0646-306 Veron-Cetty & Veron (1993) give z = 0.455 for this object
whereas we find z = 1.153. It is likely that the previous redshift
determination was the result of misidentifying the CIII] line at
~ 4100{Angstrom} with MgII.

4. 1994A&AS..105..211S
Re:[KWP81] 0646-306
The unresolved optical counterpart of this radio source is probably
variable, since Saikia et al. (1987) find m = 21 mag while Fugmann et
al. (1988) give m = 18.6 mag. The lower limit of the optical
polarization is based on a measurement with only a single analyzer
position angle (see Fugmann & Meisenheimer 1988).

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