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Notes for object PKS 1045+019

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2007A&A...463...97L
Re:PKS 1045+019
B1045+019: the weak continuum and noisy spectrum makes it difficult to
distinguish real emission lines from noise. We only find one - dubious -
possibility for redshift (z = 0.689). If this redshift is correct, we are not
detecting H{beta} and [O III] 5007 (at 8200 and 8550 A respectively). Radio
observations were discussed in de Vries et al. (2000b) suggesting that this
radio source may not be a GPS.

2. 2002A&A...386...97J
Re:PKS B1045+019
Galaxy identification from CCD imaging; faint object being present on
Gunn-i and unfiltered frames only, not on B or Gunn-z. This object is
a GPS source and has been investigated by Stanghellini et al.
(1990A&A...233..379S and references therein) who found it to have a
complex morphology and a maximum angular size of 15 arcsec.

3. 2000A&AS..143..181D
Re:PKS 1045+019
1045+019 Gopal-Krishna et al. (1983) list this as an empty field, and
after 600 s in R we have to agree. The radio spectrum of the source
appears rather flat (O'Dea et al. 1990), so this might not even be a
true GPS source. Stanghellini et al. (1990) detected faint extended
radio emission associated with this source, strengthening its non-GPS

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