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Notes for object PKS 1359-281

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1. 2004AJ....128.2660B
Re:MRC 1359-281
4.3.3. MRC B1359-281 The quasar shows a strong peak in brightness at the
wavelength of [O II] at z = 0.802, although its morphology remains
optically unresolved. In radio terms, MRC B1359-281 is a compact
steep-spectrum source (see Kapahi et al. 1998).
Ten ELG candidates are detected, including seven objects with
W_{lambda_ > 50{Angstrom}. Apart from a pair ~5" from the quasar, there
is no clustering of these objects (Fig. 9).
The quasar was imaged as part of a broadband program to detect
clustering of passively evolving elliptical galaxies in the fields of
RLQs (Barr et al. 2003). No evidence for a group or cluster of red
galaxies was found.

2. 2002A&A...386...97J
Re:PKS B1359-281
There is confusion as to the redshift of this source: z=2.240 quoted
by Veron-Cetty & Veron (1998ESOSR..18....1V) from Chu et al.
(1986ChA&A..10..196C) is wrong. That given in Veron-Cetty & Veron
(1998ESOSR..18....1V) of 0.80 is correct, being confirmed by both
Drinkwater et al. (1997MNRAS.284...85D) (z = 0.803) and Baker et al.
(1999ApJS..122...29B) (z = 0.802).

3. 1998ApJS..118..327K
Re:MRC 1359-281
The source is slightly extended along PA 116^deg^.

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