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Notes for object IC 1262 GROUP

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2009ApJ...697.1341R
Re:RX J1733.0+4345
RXJ1733.0+4345 (Figure 19) This cluster (around IC1262) has been studied using
BeppoSax by Hudson & Henriksen (2003) and Hudson et al. (2003) who suggest that
there may be diffuse nonthermal emission from a merger shock. They describe the
radio emission as a likely halo, but the combination of images shown here makes
it likely that it is a 400 kpc WAT, with most of the emission resolved away at
the 5" resolution of FIRST.

2. 1999MNRAS.306..857C
Re:RX J1733.0+4345
The observed galaxy (IC 1262) is associated with 4C+43.46.

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