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Notes for object NGC 1155

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1. 2006ApJS..164...52S
Re:NGC 1155
The radio emission of this galaxy presents only a compact source (Fig. 14, top

2. 2002ApJS..143...47D
Re:IRAS 02557-1033
IRAS 02557-1033 (NGC 1155).---This galaxy is paired with MCG
-02-08-034 at a distance of ~1.6'. Our H{alpha} image shows that the
current star formation in NGC 1155 is strongly concentrated toward its
center, while the star formation in MCG -02-08-034 is distributed in
its spiral arms. There are two very strong knots of H{alpha} emission
in the northern spiral arm of MCG -02-08-034. NGC 1155 is classed as
a LINER using our theoretical classification scheme (Kewley et al.
2001b) with spectrophotometry from Keel & van Soest (1992).

3. 1968MCG4..C...0000V
Re:MCG -02-08-035
Paired with MCG -02-08-034
Binary (= Holm 064)
{rho} = 1.5 arcmin.

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