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Notes for object MCPS J00.898951-70.63450

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1. 1995AJ....110...87H
Re:IRAS 00521-7054
00521-7054 (Fig. 1(c)]: The H{alpha} emission line region is centrally
concentrated and shows no structure.

2. 1994AJ....107...35H
Re:IRAS 00521-7054
00521-7054. This faint galaxy which lies behind the Small Magellanic
Cloud, has peculiar isophotes that display a slight twisting and become
rectangular as you reach the outer isophotes [Fig. 15(c)]. The galaxy has
an asymmetrical, trapezoidal appearance presumably due to the tail
feature uncovered in a B - R color map. A detailed discussion of this
object is given by Frogel & Elias (1987), who propose that this galaxy
may be in the process of developing into a classical quasar. The 25-100
micron colors lie at the extreme warm end of the range occupied by
objects with the highest degree of nuclear activity-namely Seyfert 1's
and quasars.

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