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Notes for object NGC 0100

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1. 2005AJ....129.1849M
Re:UGC 00231
The velocity offset between the ^12^CO (1-0) and (2-1) line centers
(26 km s^-1^) is larger than expected from the formal uncertainties.
We have verified that both observations were taken with the correct
redshifted frequency at the band center. One possibility is that the
larger ^12^CO (1-0) beam samples gas over a larger fraction of the
galaxy rotation curve than the ^12^CO (2-1) beam. This would be
consistent with the larger width of the ^12^CO (1-0) line. However,
baseline structure in the (1-0) spectrum may also be a factor.

2. 2002A&A...385..816D
Re:NGC 0100
N100/U231: Good agreement between the data sets. Given the edge-on
orientation of the galaxy, it reaffirms the transparency of this
small galaxy, cf. Bosma et al. (1992).

3. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 0100
= Holm 009a
Holm 009b at 3.5 arcmin is probably a star.

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