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Notes for object NGC 1346

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2009ApJ...696.1218Z
Re:NGC 1346
SDSS J03302-0532 (J033013.26-053235.9). The optical spectrum shows broadened
H{alpha} and H{beta} lines. We fit multi-Gaussian models to the spectrum. Galaxy
subtraction is performed using the principle component analysis code of Hao et
al. (2005a), and the narrow lines are modeled as outlined in Greene & Ho (2004);
see also Ho et al. (1997c). Following Greene & Ho (2005), the AGN luminosity is
measured from the H{alpha} line and the velocity dispersion is measured from the
H{alpha} line width (for details see Greene & Ho 2007). The black hole masses
for the SDSS objects are estimated from the broad H{alpha} luminosity and line
width using the relation M_BH_ = 2.0 x 10^6^(L_H{alpha}_/10^42^
ergs^-1^)^0.55^(FWHM_H{alpha}_/10^3^ km s^-1^)^2.06^M_sun_ following Greene & Ho
(2005). We find: FWHM(H{alpha}) = 5340 km s^-1^, log(L(H{alpha})) = 40.83 erg
s^-1^, log(L[O III]) = 39.50 erg s^-1^, M_BH_ = 7.2 * 10^7^ M_sun_,
L_bol_/L_Edd_ = 0.006.

2. 1986AnTok..212.127T
Re:KUG 0327-057
Barred spiral with the fairly blue and heavy bulge.

3. 1963MCG3..C...0000V
Re:MCG -01-09-042
Pair with MCG -01-09-041, {rho} = 1.6 arcmin.

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