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Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) for ABELL 1733:

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Photometric Data --- Published and Homogenized [Frequency, Flux Density] Units

  Published UnitsHomogenized Units [Frequency, Flux Density]  
No.Observed PassbandMeasurementUncertaintyUnitsFreq (Hz)MeasurementUncertaintyUnitsModeAperture/QualifiersReference CodeNo.
1 0.1-2.4 keV (ROSAT) 2.874E-11 +/- 17.2% erg/s/cm^2^ 3.02E+17 9.52E-06 +/- 1.64E-06 Jy Broad-band 2004A&A...423..449P 1

Detailed Information for Each Entry

 No. 1
Reference Code : 2004A&A...423..449P
Freq. targeted : 0.1-2.4 keV (ROSAT) 
Measurement    :  2.874E-11    erg/s/cm^2^         = 2.87E-14 W m^-2^
Uncertainty    :  17.2%        erg/s/cm^2^         = 4.94E-15
Significance   : 1 sigma
Freq or Vel.   :       1.25   keV          (OBS   )= 3.02E+17 Hz
Frequency mode : Broad-band measurement
Coord. targeted: 201.7711        +02.1982 (J2000)
Spatial mode   : Flux integrated from map
Notes          : From reprocessed raw data; NED frequency assigned to
                 mid-point of band in keV
Qualifiers     :                                         

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