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Reference(s) for object SN 1998cf

6 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2014MNRAS.445.2440Y Yershov, V. N.;... Possible signature of distant foreground in the Planck data
2. 2012A&A...544A..81H Hakobyan, A. A.... Supernovae and their host galaxies. I. The SDSS DR8 database and statistics
3. 2012A&A...538A.120L Lennarz, D.; Al... A unified supernova catalogue
4. 2005AJ....129.1369P Petrosian, Arta... Active and Star-forming Galaxies and Their Supernovae
5. 1998IAUC.6926B...1R RYDER, S. Supernova 1998cf in NGC 3504
6. 1998IAUC.6914A...1E EMSELLEM, E., A... SUPERNOVA 1998cf IN NGC 3504

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