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Reference(s) for object IC 1677 NED01

9 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015MNRAS.447.1531C Courtois, Helen... Update on H I data collection from Green Bank, Parkes and Arecibo telescopes for...
2. 2005ApJS..160..149S Springob, Chris... A Digital Archive of H I 21 Centimeter Line Spectra of Optically Targeted Galaxi...
3. 2002AJ....123.3018M Miller, N., Led... Redshifts for a Sample of Radio-selected Poor Clusters
4. 2002AJ....123.2976R Ramella, M., Ge... The UZC-SSRS2 Group Catalog
5. 1999PASP..111..438F FALCO, E., KURT... The Updated Zwicky Catalog (UZC)
6. 1999ApJS..121..287H HUCHRA, J., VOG... The CFA Redshift Survey: Data for the South Galactic Cap
7. 1998AJ....116.1573B BARTON, E., DE ... Environments of Redshift Survey Compact Groups of Galaxies
8. 1996A&AS..117..467G Garnier, R., Pa... An image database. II. Catalogue between {delta} = -30^deg^ and {delta} = 70^deg...
9. 1985AnTok..202.335T Takase, B. and ... Kiso Survey for Ultraviolet-excess Galaxies. III

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