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Reference(s) for object SN 2012ei

4 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2016ApJ...821..119C Chomiuk, Laura;... A Deep Search for Prompt Radio Emission from Thermonuclear Supernovae with the V...
2. 2014MNRAS.445.2440Y Yershov, V. N.;... Possible signature of distant foreground in the Planck data
3. 2014A&A...572A..38G Galbany, L.; St... Nearby supernova host galaxies from the CALIFA Survey. I. Sample, data analysis,...
4. 2012CBET.3209A...1N Nakano, S.; Nog... Supernova 2012ei in NGC 5611 = PSN J14240571+3302565

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