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Reference(s) for object SN 2012hn

9 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015MNRAS.452.2463F Foley, Ryan J. Kinematics and host-galaxy properties suggest a nuclear origin for calcium-rich ...
2. 2015MNRAS.450.4198S Sell, P. H.; Ma... Calcium-rich gap transients: tidal detonations of white dwarfs?
3. 2015A&A...579A..40S Smartt, S. J.; ... PESSTO: survey description and products from the first data release by the Publi...
4. 2014MNRAS.445.2440Y Yershov, V. N.;... Possible signature of distant foreground in the Planck data
5. 2014MNRAS.444.2157L Lyman, J. D.; L... The progenitors of calcium-rich transients are not formed in situ*
6. 2014MNRAS.437.1519V Valenti, S.; Yu... PESSTO monitoring of SN 2012hn: further heterogeneity among faint Type I superno...
7. 2013MNRAS.434..527L Lyman, J. D.; J... Environment-derived constraints on the progenitors of low-luminosity Type I supe...
8. 2012CBET.3337A...1H Howerton, S.; D... Supernova 2012hn in NGC 2272 = PSN J06424255-2726498
9. 2012ATel.4047....1B Benitez-Herrera... ESO-NTT Large Program spectroscopic classification of SNhunt 121

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