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Reference(s) for object 2MASS J12352872-0347214

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2016MNRAS.456..617J Janz, Joachim; ... The AIMSS Project - III. The stellar populations of compact stellar systems
2. 2015MNRAS.451.3615N Norris, Mark A.... An extended star formation history in an ultra-compact dwarf
3. 2014MNRAS.443.1151N Norris, Mark A.... The AIMSS Project - I. Bridging the star cluster-galaxy divide
4. 2012A&A...547A..65B Bruns, R. C.; K... A catalog of extended clusters and ultra-compact dwarf galaxies. An analysis of ...
5. 2011MNRAS.414..739N Norris, Mark A.... The ubiquity and dual nature of ultra-compact dwarfs

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