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Reference(s) for object MAPS-NGP O_325_1536477

6 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015ApJS..217...27A Ann, H. B.; Seo... A Catalog of Visually Classified Galaxies in the Local (z ~ 0.01) Universe
2. 2013AJ....145..150M Most, Hans P.; ... Exploring the Interstellar Media of Optically Compact Dwarf Galaxies
3. 2012PrivC.U..D...0M Makarov, D. I.;... Full data tables described in 2011MNRAS.412.2498M. Downloaded from
4. 2008ApJ...679.1094T Tang, Ya-Wen; K... Prevalence of Tidal Interactions among Local Seyfert Galaxies: The Control Exper...
5. 2003ApJ...584..228P Pisano, D., Wil... The State of Galaxy Formation in the Local Universe
6. 2002ApJS..142..161P Pisano, D., Wil... An H I/Optical Atlas of Isolated Galaxies

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