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Reference(s) for object NGC 3079 GROUP

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015MNRAS.454.1404S Shafi, N.; Oost... The 'shook up' galaxy NGC 3079: the complex interplay between H I, activity and ...
2. 2011MNRAS.412.2498M Makarov, Dmitry... Galaxy groups and clouds in the local (z~ 0.01) Universe
3. 1993A&AS..100...47G Garcia, A. M. General study of group membership. II. Determination of nearby groups
4. 1988NBGC.C....0000T Tully, R. B. Nearby Galaxy Catalog
5. 1987ApJ...313L..91I IRWIN J.A., SEA... Evidence for ram pressure stripping of nGC 3073 by outflowing gas from NGC 3079

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