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Reference(s) for object NGC 4179 GROUP

6 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2007ApJS..173..538T Thilker, David ... A Search for Extended Ultraviolet Disk (XUV-Disk) Galaxies in the Local Universe
2. 1993A&AS..100...47G Garcia, A. M. General study of group membership. II. Determination of nearby groups
3. 1992A&A...255...69G Gourgoulhon, E.... Groups of galaxies within 80 Mpc I. Grouping hierarchical method and statistical...
4. 1988NBGC.C....0000T Tully, R. B. Nearby Galaxy Catalog
5. 1986A&A...157..129G Giuricin, G.; M... Groups of galaxies and the local supercluster
6. 1982ApJ...257..423H HUCHRA, J., GEL... Groups of galaxies. I - Nearby groups

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