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Reference(s) for object NGC 7714 GROUP

9 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2014MNRAS.444..667D Denes, H.; Kilb... New H I scaling relations to probe the H I content of galaxies via global H I-de...
2. 2011MNRAS.412.2498M Makarov, Dmitry... Galaxy groups and clouds in the local (z~ 0.01) Universe
3. 2009MNRAS.400.1962K Kilborn, Virgin... Southern GEMS groups - II. HI distribution, mass functions and HI deficient gala...
4. 2006MNRAS.370.1223B Brough, Sarah; ... Southern GEMS groups - I. Dynamical properties
5. 2006MNRAS.369..360S Sengupta, Chand... HI content in galaxies in loose groups
6. 2004MNRAS.350.1511O Osmond, John P.... The GEMS project: X-ray analysis and statistical properties of the group sample
7. 1993A&AS..100...47G Garcia, A. M. General study of group membership. II. Determination of nearby groups
8. 1992A&A...255...69G Gourgoulhon, E.... Groups of galaxies within 80 Mpc I. Grouping hierarchical method and statistical...
9. 1988NBGC.C....0000T Tully, R. B. Nearby Galaxy Catalog

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