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Reference(s) for object 2MASS J12245248+1017511

9 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015MNRAS.446.3943M Meert, Alan; Vi... A catalogue of 2D photometric decompositions in the SDSS-DR7 spectroscopic main ...
2. 2015ApJS..219....8C Chang, Yu-Yen; ... Stellar Masses and Star Formation Rates for 1M Galaxies from SDSS+WISE
3. 2014MNRAS.440..843O Omand, Conor M.... The connection between galaxy structure and quenching efficiency
4. 2012MNRAS.420.1217D Dobos, Laszlo; ... A high-resolution atlas of composite Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxy spectra
5. 2011MNRAS.410..166L Lintott, Chris;... Galaxy Zoo 1: data release of morphological classifications for nearly 900 000 g...
6. 2011ApJ...735..125S Sanchez Almeida... Relationship between Hubble Type and Spectroscopic Class in Local Galaxies
7. 2011A&A...525A.157H Huertas-Company... Revisiting the Hubble sequence in the SDSS DR7 spectroscopic sample: a publicly ...
8. 2007ApJ...671..153Y Yang, Xiaohu; M... Galaxy Groups in the SDSS DR4. I. The Catalog and Basic Properties
9. 2000ApJ...539..136Z Zabludoff, A., ... The Properties of Poor Groups of Galaxies. III. The Galaxy Luminosity Function

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