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Reference(s) for object ZwCl 0258.9+0142

13 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2016A&A...587A.158A Andreon, S. Richness-based masses of rich and famous galaxy clusters
2. 2015MNRAS.453.1201H Hogan, M. T.; E... A comprehensive study of the radio properties of brightest cluster galaxies
3. 2015MNRAS.449..199M Mantz, Adam B.;... Cosmology and astrophysics from relaxed galaxy clusters - I. Sample selection
4. 2013MNRAS.429.2069D Dutson, K. L.; ... A stacked analysis of brightest cluster galaxies observed with the Fermi Large A...
5. 2012MNRAS.425..477N Nezri, E.; Whit... gamma -rays from annihilating dark matter in galaxy clusters: stacking versus si...
6. 2010A&A...513A...8K Kausch, W.; Sch... ARCRAIDER II: Arc search in a sample of non-Abell clusters
7. 2008ApJS..176...39Q Quillen, Alice ... An Infrared Survey of Brightest Cluster Galaxies. I
8. 2004A&A...424.1097S Sadat, R.; Blan... Introducing BAX: A database for X-ray clusters and groups of galaxies
9. 2000ApJS..129..435B Bohringer, H., ... The nortern ROSAT All-Sky (NORAS) Galaxy Cluster Survey. I. X-ray properties of ...
10. 1998MNRAS.301..881E EBELING, H., ED... The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample - I. The compilation of the sample and the cl...
11. 1998A&AS..127..145B Bade, N., Engel... The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of optical identifications
12. 1995MNRAS.274...75C Crawford, C. S.... Optical spectroscopy of the ROSAT X-ray brightest clusters - II
13. 1985A&A...148..323R ROLAND J., HANI... WSRT and VLA observations of very steep spectrum radio galaxies in clusters

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