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Reference(s) for object ATCA J005450.8-374015

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2005ApJ...632..227R Roussel, H.; Gi... Extinction Law Variations and Dust Excitation in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 300
2. 2004A&A...425..443P Payne, J. L.; F... Multi-frequency study of extragalactic supernova remnants and H II regions. Scul...
3. 2001A&A...373..473R Read, A., Piets... X-ray emission from the Sculptor galaxy NGC 300
4. 1988A&AS...73..407D Deharveng, L., ... HII regions in NGC 300
5. 1983MNRAS.204..743W WEBSTER B.L., S... Abundance gradients in galaxies in the Sculptor and Centaurus groups

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