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Reference(s) for object WISE J122717.92+523958.3

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2014MNRAS.439..545C Collier, J. D.;... Infrared-faint radio sources: a new population of high-redshift radio galaxies
2. 2010MNRAS.406.1853G Gawronski, M. P... 30 GHz observations of sources in the Very Small Array fields
3. 2010MNRAS.404.1005W Waldram, E. M.;... 9C continued: results from a deeper radio-source survey at 15 GHz
4. 2002ApJS..143....1M McMahon, R., Wh... Optical Counterparts for 70,000 Radio Sources: APM Identifications for the FIRST...
5. 1990MNRAS.246..256H Hales, S. E. G.... The 6C survey of radio sources - III. The zone 48^deg^ < {delta} < 68^deg^, 05^h...

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