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Reference(s) for object SN 2003bu

7 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2014MNRAS.445.2440Y Yershov, V. N.;... Possible signature of distant foreground in the Planck data
2. 2012A&A...538A.120L Lennarz, D.; Al... A unified supernova catalogue
3. 2011MNRAS.412.1419L Leaman, Jesse; ... Nearby supernova rates from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search - I. The metho...
4. 2006ApJ...638..930S Soderberg, A. M... Late-Time Radio Observations of 68 Type Ibc Supernovae: Strong Constraints on Of...
5. 2003PASP..115.1280V van den Bergh, ... Classifications of the Host Galaxies of Supernovae, Set II
6. 2003IAUC.8098B...1S M. Salvo and B.... SUPERNOVAE 2003bn, 2003bu, 2003cb, 2003ch, AND 2003ci
7. 2003IAUC.8092C...1P H. Pugh and W. ... SUPERNOVA 2003bu IN NGC 5393

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