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Reference(s) for object [MMW2002] 41.95+57.5

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2006MNRAS.369.1221B Beswick, R. J.;... 15 years of very long baseline interferometry observations of two compact radio ...
2. 2005A&A...436..427K Kording, E.; Co... A radio monitoring survey of ultra-luminous X-ray sources
3. 2003A&A...406..535Z Zickgraf, F.-J.... The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of optical identifications. Northern high-galactic la...
4. 2002MNRAS.334..912M McDonald, A., M... A parsec-scale study of the 5/15-GHz spectral indices of the compact radio sourc...
5. 1987ApJ...323..505B BARTEL N., RATN... VLBI observations of 23 hot spots in the starburst galaxy M 82

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