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Reference(s) for object 400d J1220+7522

6 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015MNRAS.449..199M Mantz, Adam B.;... Cosmology and astrophysics from relaxed galaxy clusters - I. Sample selection
2. 2012MNRAS.425..477N Nezri, E.; Whit... gamma -rays from annihilating dark matter in galaxy clusters: stacking versus si...
3. 2011A&A...534A.109P Piffaretti, R.;... The MCXC: a meta-catalogue of x-ray detected clusters of galaxies
4. 2007ApJS..172..561B Burenin, R. A.;... The 400 Square Degree ROSAT PSPC Galaxy Cluster Survey: Catalog and Statistical ...
5. 2005ApJS..157...59L Liu, Ji-Feng; B... Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in Nearby Galaxies from ROSAT High Resolution Imager...
6. 1996A&A...316...57A Arp H. X-ray observations of five galaxy-quasar associations

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