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Reference(s) for object CXO J145339.9+033418

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2011ApJS..192...10L Liu, Jifeng Chandra ACIS Survey of X-ray Point Sources in 383 Nearby Galaxies. I. The Source...
2. 2010ApJS..189...37E Evans, Ian N.; ... The Chandra Source Catalog
3. 2009AJ....137.3263G Ghosh, Kajal K.... Multiwavelength Study of the Bright X-Ray Source Population in the Interacting G...
4. 2008MNRAS.390...59L Li, Jiang-Tao; ... Chandra observation of the edge-on spiral NGC 5775: probing the hot galactic dis...
5. 2004ApJS..154..519S Swartz, Douglas... The Ultraluminous X-Ray Source Population from the Chandra Archive of Galaxies

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