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Reference(s) for object 2QZ J230327.1-300810

5 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2015A&A...583A..75S Souchay, J.; An... The third release of the Large Quasar Astrometric Catalog (LQAC-3): a compilatio...
2. 2012A&A...537A..99S Souchay, J.; An... The second release of the Large Quasar Astrometric Catalog (LQAC-2)
3. 2009A&A...505..385A Andrei, A. H.; ... The large quasar reference frame (LQRF). An optical representation of the ICRS
4. 2009A&A...494..799S Souchay, J.; An... The construction of the large quasar astrometric catalogue (LQAC)
5. 2004MNRAS.349.1397C Croom, S. M.; S... The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - XII. The spectroscopic catalogue and luminosity fu...

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