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Reference(s) for object RIXOS F259_007

11 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2005ApJS..157...59L Liu, Ji-Feng; B... Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in Nearby Galaxies from ROSAT High Resolution Imager...
2. 2004A&A...418..877A Arp, H.; Gutier... New optical spectra and general discussion on the nature of ULXs
3. 2004A&A...416...35W Wadadekar, Y. Radio emission from AGN detected by the VLA FIRST survey
4. 2002A&A...391..833A Arp, H., Burbid... NGC 3628: Ejection activity associated with quasars
5. 2001A&A...374...92V Veron Cetty, M.... A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 10th edition
6. 2000MNRAS.311..621R Rudge, C., Rain... The luminosity dependence of opening angle in unified models of active galaxies
7. 2000MNRAS.311..456M Mason, K. O., C... The ROSAT International X-ray/Optical Survey (RIXOS): source catalog
8. 1999MNRAS.308..233M MITTAZ, J., CAR... X-ray spectra of the RIXOS source sample
9. 1997MNRAS.291..177P Puchnarewicz, E... Optical and X-ray properties of the RIXOS AGN - II. Emission lines
10. 1997MNRAS.286..626R Read, A. M., Po... ROSAT PSPC observations of nearby spiral galaxies - I. The data
11. 1996MNRAS.281.1243P Puchnarewicz, E... Optical and X-ray properties of the RIXOS active galactic nuclei - I. The contin...

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