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1987ARA&A..25..345F Cepheids as distance indicators Feast, M. W.; Walker, A. R. Abstract. The current status of astronomical distance estimation based on observations of Cepheids is surveyed. Consideration is given to the problems of reddening and absorption correction, the forms of the BVI period-luminosity (PL) and period-luminosity-color (PLC) relations, abundance effects, the IR PL/PLC relations, PL/PLC relations at other wavelengths, shortcut methods, PL/PLC zero points, long-period Cepheids, and Cepheid distances to galaxies. Diagrams, graphs, and extensive tables of numerical data are provided. Key words: ASTROMETRY, ASTROPHYSICS, CEPHEID VARIABLES, ABUNDANCE, INFRARED SPECTRA, INTERSTELLAR EXTINCTION, MAGELLANIC CLOUDS, STELLAR PARALLAX, UBV SPECTRA
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