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Copyright by European Southern Observatory (ESO). Reproduced by permission
1988A&A...189...39V Radio sources and environmental effects in E and S0 galaxies G. Vettolani and L. Gregorini Istituto di Radioastronomia CNR, Via Irnerio 46, I-40126 Bologna, Italy Dipartimento di Astronomia, Via Zamboni 33, I-40100 Bologna, Italy Received April 9, accepted June 29, 1987 Summary. Samples of elliptical and lenticular galaxies are analyzed to study the effect of the large scale environment, measured through an unbiased estimator, and the effect of the small scale (~100kpc) environment on the radio emission. It is found that while the membership of an E or S0 galaxy to a group or a cluster has no effect on the probability to be a radio source, an excess of close companions is present around galaxies with a high radio to optical emission ratio, confirming previous results by Heckman et al. (1985). Key words: galaxies: radio
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