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Copyright by Royal Astronomical Society. 1989MNRAS.238...15L Evolution of overdense regions in cluster cooling flows M. Loewenstein Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0HA Accepted 1988 August 26. Received 1988 August 19; in original form 1988 June 27 Summary. The evolution of regions of finite overdensity in cooling flows is investigated, (i) by solving the equations of motion and energy, assuming the regions to be spherical and uniform, and (ii) by performing hydrodynamical calculations specifically designed to treat perturbations to a steady background flow. Results differ in detail from the linear analysis, but the basic behaviour remains - overdense regions exhibit thermal-convective oscillations and do not cool out. For cooling out to occur, buoyancy effects must be eliminated, either by reducing the effective gravitational potential or by damping the oscillations with drag. Since there are difficulties in each case, we must conclude that a satisfactory explanation for the origin of optically emitting gas and the evidence from X-ray observations for mass deposition does not presently exist, and that a detailed understanding of the central pads of cooling flows is still lacking.
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