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1991ApJ...367...64W ON THE INTERPRETATION OF THE MORPHOLOGY-DENSITY RELATION FOR GALAXIES IN CLUSTERS BRADLEY C. WHITMORE AND DIANE M. GILMORE Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218 Received 1990 May 10; accepted 1990 July 16 ABSTRACT A reexamination of Dressler's sample of nearly 6000 galaxies in 55 clusters shows that galactic morphology correlates as well with the projected distance from the center of the cluster, R_clus_, as it does with the projected local density of the 10 nearest galaxies. Most of the variation occurs within 0.5 Mpc of the cluster center. The effect is strongest in the 34 clusters with D galaxies, with the percentage of ellipticals rising from 18 +/- 3% at R_clus_ = 0.6 Mpc to 65 +/- 7% at R_clus_ = 0.1 Mpc. Various correlations suggest that the physical mechanisms which result in the population gradients for the spiral and SO galaxies are different than the mechanism responsible for the preponderance of ellipticals near the cluster centers. Tentative evidence is also found that the fraction of SO galaxies declines sharply within 0.2 Mpc of the cluster center, especially around central D galaxies. Subject headings: galaxies: clustering - galaxies: structure
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