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Copyright by Royal Astronomical Society. 2001MNRAS.325..676B Buoyant radio plasma in clusters of galaxies M. Bruggen and C.R. Kaiser Accepted 2001 March 1. Received 2001 December 19; in original form 2000 September 29 ABSTRACT Radio galaxies are known to inflate lobes of hot relativistic plasmas into the intergalactic medium. Here we present hydrodynamical and magnetohydrodynamical simulations of these hot plasma bubbles in FR II objects. We focus on the later stages of their evolution after the jet has died down and after the bow shock that surrounded the lobes at earlier stages has vanished. We investigate the evolution of the plasma bubbles as they become subject to Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. From our simulations we calculate the radio and X-ray emissivities of the bubbles and discuss their appearance in observations. Finally, we investigate the influence of large-scale magnetic fields on the evolution of the bubbles. The issues of re-acceleration and diffusion of relativistic particles are briefly discussed. Keywords: hydrodynamics - MHD - galaxies: jets - radio continuum: galaxies.
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