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2003ApJ...596..159M Circulation Flows: Cooling Flows with Bubble Return William G. Mathews, Fabrizio Brighenti, David A. Buote, and Aaron D. Lewis Abstract. The failure of the XMM-Newton and Chandra X-ray telescopes to detect cooling gas in elliptical galaxies and clusters of galaxies has led many to adopt the position that the gas is not cooling at all and that heating by an active nucleus in the central E or cD galaxy is sufficient to offset radiative cooling. In this paper we explore an idealized limiting example of this point of view in which hot, buoyant bubbles formed near the center return the inflowing, radiatively cooling gas to distant regions in the flow. We show that idealized steady state, centrally heated non -- cooling flows can indeed be constructed. In addition, the emission-weighted temperature profiles in these circulating flows resemble those of normal cooling flows. However, these solutions are valid only (1) for a range of bubble parameters for which there is no independent justification, (2) for a limited spatial region in the cooling flow, and (3) for a limited period of time after which cooling seems inevitable. Our exploration of non -- cooling flows is set in the context of galaxy/group flows.
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