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Copyright by Royal Astronomical Society. 2003MNRAS.338..824M Some effects of small-scale metallicity variations in cooling flows Morris, R. Glenn; Fabian, A. C. Abstract. In an attempt to reconcile recent spectral data with predictions of the standard cooling flow model, it has been suggested that the metals in the intracluster medium (ICM) might be distributed inhomogeneously on small scales. We investigate the possible consequences of such a situation within the framework of the cooling flow scenario. Using the standard isobaric cooling flow model, we study the ability of such metallicity variations to suppress preferentially low-temperature line emission in cooling flow spectra. We then use simple numerical simulations to investigate the temporal and spatial evolution of the ICM when the metals are distributed in such a fashion. Simulated observations are used to study the constraints that real data can place on conditions in the ICM. The difficulty of ruling out abundance variations on small spatial scales with current observational limits is emphasized. We find that a bimodal distribution of metals may give rise to interesting effects in the observed abundance profile, in that apparent abundance gradients with central abundance drops and off-centre peaks, similar to those seen recently in some clusters, are produced. Different elements behave in different fashion as governed by the temperature dependence of their equivalent widths. Our overall conclusion is that, whilst this process alone seems unlikely to be able to account for the sharp reduction in low-temperature emission lines seen in current spectral data, a contribution at some level is possible and difficult to rule out. The possibility of small-scale metallicity variations should be considered when analysing high-resolution cluster X-ray spectra. Keywords: galaxies: abundances, galaxies: clusters: general, cooling flows, X-rays: galaxies
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