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2007ApJS..172....1S The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS): Overview N. Scoville, H. Aussel, M. Brusa, P. Capak, C. M. Carollo, M. Elvis, M. Giavalisco, L. Guzzo, G. Hasinger, C. Impey, J.-P. Kneib, O. LeFevre, S. J. Lilly, B. Mobasher, A. Renzini, R. M. Rich, D. B. Sanders, E. Schinnerer, D. Schminovich, P. Shopbell, Y. Taniguchi, and N. D. Tyson Abstract. The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) is designed to probe the correlated evolution of galaxies, star formation, active galactic nuclei (AGNs), and dark matter (DM) with large-scale structure (LSS) over the redshift range z>0.5 -- 6. The survey includes multiwavelength imaging and spectroscopy from X-ray -- to -- radio wavelengths covering a 2 deg^2^ area, including HST imaging. Given the very high sensitivity and resolution of these data sets, COSMOS also provides unprecedented samples of objects at high redshift with greatly reduced cosmic variance, compared to earlier surveys. Here we provide a brief overview of the survey strategy, the characteristics of the major COSMOS data sets, and a summary the science goals. Key words: Cosmology: Observations, Cosmology: Dark Matter, Galaxies: Evolution, Galaxies: Formation, Cosmology: Large-Scale Structure of Universe, Surveys
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