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Distance Results for NGC 2743

1 Distance found in NED

Computed Summary Statistics

NOTE: These summary statistics are provided for "quick-look" reference only;
they are based exclusively on original values, as published.
No homogenization or corrections have been applied.

NGC 2743 Distance Modulus
Metric Distance
Mean 32.49 31.500
Std. Dev. N/A N/A
Min. 32.49 31.500
Max. 32.49 31.500
Median 32.49 31.500

Individually Referenced Moduli and Distances for NGC 2743 (as published)

(m-M) err(m-M) D(Mpc) Method REFCODE Notes SN Name Redshift H0 (km/s/Mpc) Adopted LMC modulus
32.49 0.54 31.500 Tully-Fisher 2016AJ....152...50T I 75

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