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    The object name that you submitted is not currently recognized
    by the NED name interpreter.
    In general, naming conventions employ a prefix (usually an
    acronym for the first author(s) or the survey name) followed
    by a numerical string based on a tabular sequence or a position
    on the sky. For more specifics, see the document at
    Based on your input, we have listed below a number of
    possibilities that NED does recognize that reasonably may
    include your object/survey and its standardized naming
    convention in NED.
Use this format                    for this catalogue
---------------                    ----------------
   MAILYAN NNN                     Mailyan Dwarf Galaxy Catalog
   MCG +NN-NN-NNNa                 MCG catalogue
   MC I HHMM+DDd                   Molonglo Radio catalogue List I
   MC II HHMM+DDd                  Molonglo Radio catalogue List II
   MC1 HHMM+DDd                    Molonglo Radio catalogue Part 1
   MC2 HHMM+DDd                    Molonglo Radio catalogue Part 2
   MC3 HHMM+DDd                    Molonglo Radio catalogue Part 3
   MC4 HHMM+DDd                    Molonglo Radio catalogue Part 4
   MESSIER NNN                     Messier catalogue
   MRC HHMM+DDd                    Molonglo Reference catalogue
   MRK NNNNa                       Markarian catalogue
   [MC90] Field A+B NN             Objects from 1990PASP..102...53M
or [MC90] Field C NN
or [MC90] A
or [MC90] A-A AAAA
   [M91] 002652.8-602103.6         Object  from 1991IAUC.5153....1M
or [M91] 222233.18-672536.0
   [M91a] 113006+053730            Object  from 1991IAUC.5167....1M
   [M91p] 063414.89-653039.1       Object  from 1991IAUC.5185....1M
   [M91b] 052517.20-521601.0       Object  from 1991IAUC.5191....1M
   [M91c] 080733.72-653714.5       Object  from 1991IAUC.5225....1M
   [M91d] 142332.3+655901.6        Object  from 1991IAUC.5233....1M
   [M91e] 155239.44+190928.2       Object  from 1991IAUC.5237....1M
   [M91f] 105207.44-035633.2       Object  from 1991IAUC.5261....1M
   [M91g] 124234.70-060238.3       Object  from 1991IAUC.5263....1M
   [M91h] 161709.7+174556          Object  from 1991IAUC.5271....1M
   [M91i] 220701.7-463410          Object  from 1991IAUC.5290....1M
   [M91j] 015342.3-815235.5        Object  from 1991IAUC.5331....1M
   [M91k] 224610+0754.6            Object  from 1991IAUC.5336....1M
   [M91l] 215328+004533            Object  from 1991IAUC.5338....1M
   [M91m] 030322.57-415746.4       Object  from 1991IAUC.5349....1M
   [M91n] 213004.53-422604.3       Object  from 1991IAUC.5382....1M
   [M91o] 024216.2+145713.4        Object  from 1991IAUC.5401....1M
   [M92] 055851.00-202202.2        Object  from 1992IAUC.5444....1M
   [M92a] 063438.37-595328.1       Object  from 1992IAUC.5446....1M
   [M92b] 100643-2624.0            Object  from 1992IAUC.5467....1M
   [M92c] 073409.32-471003.0       Object  from 1992IAUC.5469....1M
   [M92d] 071131.74+453111.9       Object  from 1992IAUC.5473....1M
   [M92e] 120828.08-013558.8       Object  from 1992IAUC.5494....1M
   [M92f] 141530.21+311649.0       Object  from 1992IAUC.5494....1M
   [M92g] 173526.23+125600.3       Object  from 1992IAUC.5559....1M
   [M92h] 212403.41-371312.6       Object  from 1992IAUC.5577....1M
   [M92i] 190539.39+505805.9       Object  from 1992IAUC.5606....1M
   [M92j] 220824.01+444704.2       Object  from 1992IAUC.5607....1M
   [M92k] 042850.2-463032          Object  from 1992IAUC.5619....1M
   [M92l] 035928.71+273847.1       Object  from 1992IAUC.5640....1M
   [M92m] 072930.40+503451.8       Object  from 1992IAUC.5672....1M
   [M92n] 033422.3-183104          Object  from 1992IAUC.5682....1M
   [M93a] 203223.76-425754.9       Object  from 1993IAUC.5809....1M
   [M93] 183645.06+325455.5        Object  from 1993IAUC.5772....1M
   [M94] J001520.55-245324.1       Object  from 1994IAUC.6056....1M
   [M94a] 030257.57-122254.9       Object  from 1994IAUC.6110A...1M
   [M94b] 035142.14-390913.5       Object  from 1994IAUC.6113A...1M
   [M95] J120401.38-313553.8       Object  from 1995IAUC.6133B...1M
   MESSIER 033:[MC83] NN           Objects from 1983ApJ...273..576M
   MC HHMM+DDd                     Objects from 1983ApJ...274..534M
   [MC85] NNN                      Objects from 1985AJ.....90.1957M
   [M95b] J095143.07+401836.4      Object  from 1995IAUC.6275A...1M
   [M96a] J125119.13-130111.7      Object  from 1996IAUC.6347A...1M
   [M96b] J152109.75+275508        Object  from 1996IAUC.6405A...1M
   [M96c] J155813.17+194600.5      Object  from 1996IAUC.6433A...1M
   [M97a] J151338.58+025343.3      Object  from 1997IAUC.6689A...1M
   [M97c] J140724+7026.1           Object  from 1997IAUC.6690A...1M
   [M97b] J054905.06-242901.6      Object  from 1997IAUC.6795A...1M
   [M98] J074601.6+184303.5        Object  from 1998IAUC.6809B...1M
   [M98a]      Objects from 1998IAUC.6873A...1M
   [M97] NNN                       Objects from 1997Afz....40....1M
   [M98b] J104503.46+392518.3      Object  from 1998IAUC.6909A...1M
   [M98c] J225619.67-350959.9      Object  from 1998IAUC.6968B...1M
   [M98d] J213230.84-650326.0      Object  from 1998IAUC.6978B...1M
   [M98e] J000930.68-485039.8      Object  from 1998IAUC.7006A...1M
   [M98f] J031720.31-531100.9      Object  from 1998IAUC.7006B...1M
   [M98g] J101858.22+621521.3      Object  from 1998IAUC.7029A...1M
or [M98g] J214944.85+121244.4
or [M98g] J095645.85+065622.5
   [M98h] J230015.05-131355.5      Object  from 1998IAUC.7030A...1M
   [M98i] J063630.59-375840.2      Object  from 1998IAUC.7035B...1M
   [M98j] NNN                      Objects from 1998Afz....41..308M
   [M98k] HHMMSS.s+DDMMSS          Objects from 1998A&AS..131...73M
   [M95a] J093842.67-122007.9      Object  from 1995IAUC.6166A...1M
   [M99] J190955.56+423126.7       Object  from 1999IAUC.7189B...1M
or [M99] J214532.62+320623.8
   [M99a] J023244.3+222706         Object  from 1999IAUC.7301A...1M
   RX J1001.5+4659:[M2000] A       Objects from 2000A&A...361..444M
   [M75] NN                        Objects from 1975AJ.....80..778M
   [M2001]     Objects from 2001IAUC.7778A...1M
   SMC:[M2002] NNNNN               Objects from 2002ApJS..141...81M
   [M2008] J005434.16-373828.6     Object  from 2008IAUC.8946A...1M
   MESSIER NNN NYYYY-MMA           Novae in galaxies
   [M2009] J032903.12-523727.8     Object  from 2009CBET.1672A...1M
   [M2012] J072113.1-620535        Object  from 2012CBET.2997A...1M
   IC 0010:[MCG2003] PNNN          Objects from 2003A&A...407...51M
or Leo A:[MCG2003] PN01
or Sextans A:[MCG2003] P01
   [M2003]     Objects from 2003A&A...408...95M
or [M2003] N-NN
   MESSIER 031:[M31] Nova NNN      Objects from 1931PASP...43..217M
   MESSIER 031:[M67b] Nova N       Objects from 1967AJ.....72.1356M
   [MCG2004] DNN                   Objects from 2004ApJ...605..725M
   [M2005]     Objects from 2005AJ....130.2541M
   HE 0226-4110:[MC2009] A         Objects from 2009ApJ...698L..46M
   [M2010] S1                      Object  from 2010MNRAS.409L.128M
   JVAS JHHMM+DDd:[M2011] A        Objects from 2011MNRAS.412..900M
Key:  A = alphabetic character
   :  a = optional alphabetic character
   :  B = Besselian 1950 designator
   :  b = galactic latitude
   : DD = degrees of Declination or day of month
   :  d = decimal degrees of Declination
   :  F = field/plate name
   :  G = galaxy OR galactic coordinates designator
   : HH = hours of Right Ascension
   :  h = decimal hours of Right Ascension
   :  J = Julian 2000 designator
   :  L = galactic longitude
   :  l = galactic longitude
   : MM = minutes of R.A. or time or arcminutes of Dec. or month
   :  m = decimal minutes of R.A. or time or arcminutes of Dec.
   :  N = numeric character
   : SS = seconds of R.A. or time or arcseconds of Dec.
   :  s = decimal seconds of R.A. or time or arcseconds of Dec.
   : YY = year (2-digit years imply 20th Century except Gamma-ray bursters)
   :  Z = integer part of redshift
   : zz = decimal portion of redshift
   :  + = plus OR minus sign
   :  - = dash OR minus sign

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