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    The object name that you submitted is not currently recognized
    by the NED name interpreter.
    In general, naming conventions employ a prefix (usually an
    acronym for the first author(s) or the survey name) followed
    by a numerical string based on a tabular sequence or a position
    on the sky. For more specifics, see the document at
    Based on your input, we have listed below a number of
    possibilities that NED does recognize that reasonably may
    include your object/survey and its standardized naming
    convention in NED.
Use this format                    for this catalogue
---------------                    ----------------
   DDO NNNa                        DDO catalogue
   ABELL NNNN:[D76] NNN            Objects from Dressler's 1976 thesis
   ABELL NNNN:[D80] NNN            Objects from 1980ApJS...42..565D
   ABELL 2029:[D81] NNN            Objects from 1981ApJ...243...26D
   [D90] 122423+0137.0             Object  from 1990AJ.....99...31D
   [D90a] 150731.10-014401.7       Object  from 1990IAUC.5131....1D
   KLEMOLA 11:[D90b] A             Objects from 1990A&A...231...13D
   [D87] UJNNNNP-NNN               Objects from 1987UCamb.T00M....D
   [D97] 47-NNN                    Objects from 1997AJ....113.1939D
or [D97] AA-NNN
   [D98] NN                        Objects from 1998A&AS..128..331D
   SMC:[D70] N-NN                  Objects from 1970A&A.....9...95D
   HARO 32:[D70a] A                Objects from 1970AJ.....75.1143D
   LMC:[D72] 1-NN                  Objects from 1972A&A....18..271D
   MESSIER 081:[D2008] TDO N       Objects from 2008PASP..120.1145D
   MS 0735.6+7421:[D2011] BCG      Objects from 2011MNRAS.414.1253D
or Sersic 159/03:[D2011] BCG
or ZwCl HHMM.m+DDMM:[D2011] BCG
   [D2013]     Objects from 2013ApJ...772..131D
   [D2017] RGN                     Objects from 2017MNRAS.467.2234D
   LMC:[D2020] N103A               Objects from 2020AJ....160..157D
Key:  A = alphabetic character
   :  a = optional alphabetic character
   :  B = Besselian 1950 designator
   :  b = galactic latitude
   : DD = degrees of Declination or day of month
   :  d = decimal degrees of Declination
   :  F = field/plate name
   :  G = galaxy OR galactic coordinates designator
   : HH = hours of Right Ascension
   :  h = decimal hours of Right Ascension
   :  J = Julian 2000 designator
   :  L = galactic longitude
   :  l = galactic longitude
   : MM = minutes of R.A. or time or arcminutes of Dec. or month
   :  m = decimal minutes of R.A. or time or arcminutes of Dec.
   :  N = numeric character
   : SS = seconds of R.A. or time or arcseconds of Dec.
   :  s = decimal seconds of R.A. or time or arcseconds of Dec.
   : YY = year (2-digit years imply 20th Century except Gamma-ray bursters)
   :  Z = integer part of redshift
   : zz = decimal portion of redshift
   :  + = plus OR minus sign
   :  - = dash OR minus sign

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